STAUFENBIEL Reichard XLF-207 Laminar 4400mm (HSFX003392)

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The Letov XLF-207 Laminar had its maiden flight 1951. The Laminar was aderivation of Lunak with special laminar flow wings. The XLF-207Laminar was thus the first glider in the world with such an airfoil. Alaminar profile provides, in simple terms, a higher efficiency at thesame time more critical behavior at steeper angle of incidence.
Our model of the Laminar is painted in the original blue color,together with the unusual shape of the wings the plane is anextraordinary eye-catcher. The 6-flap wing is a balsa sheeted foam construction with fiberglass reinforcements, the hull is madeentirely of fiberglass.


  • Airbrakes included
  • GRP hull
  • Balsa sheeted foam wing with GRP reinforcements
  • GRP leading edge
  • made with CNC technology
  • Elevator and rudder are balsa
  • Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
  • All necessary hardware is included
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