STAUFENBIEL Reichard Club Libelle 4000mm (HSFX003377)

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The CLUB-LIBELLE is a semi-scale of the german glider of Glasflugelmanufacturer from 1975.

The Club-Libelle is a big-scale glider from a row of famous REICHARDmodels. The fuselage is built from fibreglass and is already brushed intwo colors , the wings are made from foam , reinforced with carbonfibreand fibreglass mats and sheeted with balaswood. The covering is readyand was made with ORACOVER .

Special Features

  • Fibreglass fuselage
  • Two-pieces foam/balsa wing
  • Fibreglass leading edge
  • Wing joiner (Ø 16 mm) located in the middle offibreglass spar
  • Wing supported by carbon stripes and fibreglass under thebalsa cover. Although the wing is not full fibreglass, it has similarcharacteristics of stiffness, still being very light
  • Clear canopy
  • Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
  • Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
  • Includes all necessary hardware and brakes
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