STAUFENBIEL Straton 5000mm ARF (HSF0314075)

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The STRATON is our new flagship of our popular Staufenbielglider-series, well known for its outstanding price/performance ratio.

The STRATON has an impressive wingspan of 5 meters and a uniquefuselage with 2,25 meters in length. The construction of this glider issimilar to its smaller brothers. The wings are Styrofoam cut, sheetedwith abachi wood and covered with genuine Oracover foil. Severalcarbon- and glass-fibre reinforcements are implemented in the wingconstruction as well as in the fuselage.

The most important feature of the glider is its airfoil. It changesfrom the root to the wingtip. From the root to the middle wing theairfoil changes from an HQ/W-2,5/12 to a HQ/W-2,5/11. Towards thewingtips it changes to a HQ/W-3/10,5.

The fuselage comes in two pieces and is glued together from themodeler. This helps reducing the shipping costs to a minimum.

In the PNP-Version of the STRATON the HIMAX V50-XL motor is alreadybuilt-in as well as the six DYMOND D 7550 metal geared servos. A 20x8CAM folding prop and a high-grade aluminum spinner is also included inthe box. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the wiringof the servos, it’s already done using built-in MPX-highcurrent plugs which are automatically connected by joining the wings tothe fuselage which are held in place with the well-proven MULTILOCKwing lock system.

We recommend a strong BEC (3A minimum) for the servos.


  • built-in motor and servos (PNP only)
  • built-in multilock (PNP only)
  • built-in MPX high-current connectors (PNP only)
  • Wings-Profile is changing from in to outside
  • covered with genuine ORACOVER
  • With ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps
  • red stripes on the underside of the model for optimalsituational awareness
  • richly illustrated instructions (german)
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