STAUFENBIEL Vitesse V2 3000mm PNP (HSF0314063PV2)

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TheVitesse V2 is out now! The Vitesse V2 has many improvements made forour customers: both sides of the wing are planked with abachi wood. Thematerial has smooth, fine optics with small heat conductivity and amuch harder surface. The Vitesse V2 has an new fresh look and easilymovable flaps (up).

TheVitesse is an electric extra class glider made by the same manufactureras the EPSILON . The modell has a painted fiberglass fuselage, with abuilt in bulkhead for the motor installation. Thestyrofoam/abachi wing is covered with Oracover and has hinged aileronsand flaps .
TheVitesse is a glider with all-round flight characteristics and a higherspeed range. In addition to the good thermal performance the Vitesse V2 has a powerfulacceleration and with the brushless-setup the power to shoot up intothe sky. You will always be safe whether on the slope or on the fields.

Weprovide the Vitesse V2 in two versions: ARF and PNP . In this PNPversion electrical components (except the ESC)are included .

  • both sides of the wingare planked with abachi wood
  • painted fiberglassfuselage
  • built-in bulkhead withpowerfull 35er HIMAX brushless outrunner
  • complete covered, alreadybuilt-in servos and drivetrain
  • 1x DS1550 and 5x D260 MG
  • wiring harness incl. MPXplugs

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Scarica (6.06M)
Completion Level:Plug-N-Play
Flying Weight:2500g
Minimum Required Radio:6-Kanal
Recommended Battery:3S LiPo 3200mAh - 5000mAh
Recommended Speed Control:60A
Wing Area:65,5 sq dm


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