STAUFENBIEL PICHLER Bergfalke Mn 13e 3000mm ARF (HSFX004179)

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<p>The glider Bergfalke is a mid-fighter from the 50s that was designed for training and performance flight. We've pulled out all the stops in development and production to offer you an absolutely desirable sailing model with a fantastic price / performance ratio. The mountain falcon convinces with an exemplary flight image and very good thermal properties. The mountain falcon is also in its element on a slope. For the F tow, a tow coupling is already installed at the factory.</p>


<li> ARF prefabricated model in first-class wood construction (laser cut) </ li>
<li> Finish with original ORACOVER foil </ li>
<li> Support ribs, 2 pcs. with carbon fiber connection </ li>
<li> Fully profiled stabilizers and rudders </ li>
<li> New towing coupling in the fuselage base, factory-prepared </ li>
<li> Foldable flap pre-prepared </ li>
<li> Engine installation factory-prepared </ li>
<li> Electric tailgates (optional) </ li>
<li> Dreamlike flying image </ li>
<li> Detachable cockpit with magnetic closure </ li>
<li> Extensible cockpit with 2 pilots </ li>
<li> Includes accessories and illustrated instructions </ li>
</ ul>
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Completion Level:Almost Ready-To-Fly
Flying Weight:2500g
Minimum Required Radio:4-5 Channels
Servos:(5) not included
Wing Area:65dm sq
Wing Loading:41g/dm sq


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