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Key Features

  • 33cc displacement delivers more power than any other available engine in its class
  • Front mounted, Walbro-type carburetor for easy tuning and maximum performance
  • Standard beam mounts or stand offs for a wide variety of installation choices for the user
  • 2S Li-Po battery compatible ignition without a regulator provides long run times
  • Lightweight electronic ignition provides easy starts and superior reliability
  • Single prop nut attachment allows the use of any stock propeller and convenience while at the flying field
  • Proven CM-6 style spark plug for great performance and small profile
  • Wraparound in-cowl muffler included

Video Overview


If you enjoy flying large and popular 30cc class of planes, the Evolution® 33GX is your choice. The 33GX is a true powerhouse, with superior engineering and design that will provide a very high power to weight ratio not found on other 30cc engines. 2S Li-Po ready electronic ignition will provide easy starts and performance for the most demanding pilots. Engine case offers the choice of mounting using engine stand offs or standard beam mounts, making it easy to adapt to current designs and most airframes. Included with In-cowl muffler provides an easy installation and preserves looks without compromising performance. Single prop nut attachment allows the use of any stock propeller and convenience while at the flying field. Bring the fuel efficiency and easy operation of a gas engine to your flying experience with the Evolution 33GX engine.

All of the Evolution brand gas engines are designed from the start to provide you with excellent performance at a fraction of your previous operating costs. We have painstakingly designed each engine to insure a hassle free experience without giving away anything in expected performance or durability.

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Benchmark Prop:APC 18 x 8 @ 8,300 rpm
Bore:1.48 in (37.5mm)
Carb Type:Walbro
Crankshaft Threads:3/8-24
Cylinder Type:Ringed/Steel liner
Displacement:1.98 cu. in. (33.00 cc)
Engine (Only) Weight:38.8 oz (1102 g)
Ignition Weight:3.6 oz (103 g)
Muffler Threads:M4
Muffler Type:Inverted wraparound
Muffler Weight:5.8 oz (166 g)
Oil Type & Content:25:1 synthetic
Plug Type:CM-6
Prop Range:17 x 8 to 20 x 8
RPM Range:1,500 - 9,000 rpm
Recommended Fuel:87–91 octane gasoline (petrol)
Stroke:1.16 in (29.5mm)
Total Weight:48.8 oz (1384 g)


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