STAUFENBIEL Mantis 2900mm ARF (HSF0314076)

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The Staufenbiel Mantis is a high performance glider with V-tail, flapsand an HQ-airfoil.
When developing the Mantis our main goal was to make it a perfectglider mainly for thermal flights. The very stiff double V-shaped winggives the Mantis best circling flight performance. Light aerobatics areno problem also due to the stiff abachi sheeted wings.

The Mantis comes with a quality fuselage which is painted in the mold.It is reinforced with carbon fiber reinforcement on high stressed partslike the canopy frame. The cooling in- and outtakes are ensuring thatthe electronics don’t get too hot.
The wings are styro/abachi construction covered with genuine ORACOVER.The design of the covering is chosen to give best visibility in the sky.

The combination of the airfoil, the V-Tail and the flaps make theMANTIS a perfect thermal glider.

You can get the MANTIS as ARF version as well as a PNP version. Bothversions have a high degree of prefabrication and are quickly built dueto the detailed manual. The PNP version comes with an already built-inDYMOND GTX-3546/910 kV motor as well as six built-in and wired DYMOND D260 metal geared Servos, ready installed cable beams withMPX-connectors and Multilock wing lock system. Also included in the PNPversion is a Reisenauer spinner and an Aeronaut 13x6,5 folding prop.


  • High performance thermal glider with V-Tail and flaps
  • Very stiff foam core / abachi sheeted wing with airfoil HQ2,5 / 9
  • In mold painted fuselage with carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Wide fuselage with cooling in- and outtakes
  • Wings sheeted with genuine ORACOVER
  • Built in DYMOND GTX-3546/910 kV motor (only PNP version)
  • 6 DYMOND D-260 MG servos built in in servo framesand connected to the cable beam (only PNP version)
  • MPX connectors built in in fuselage and wing to ensure avery easy connection of the wing servos (only PNP version)
  • Installed Multilock wing lock system (only PNP version)
  • Included folding propeller, middlepart and spinner (onlyPNP version)
  • Detailed manual in German, English and French
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