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The Tollkühnuri 2019 is a group project to promote balsa wood models

Specially designed and developed for the Facebook group "the foolhardy model aviators" a joint construction project will be created with this Nurflügel design.
This model is also suitable for youth groups, schools or clubs.

It is a temporary project promoted by Towerhobbies.eu, which serves the purpose of promoting the classic model of balsa wood and is therefore very attractively priced.

The model is made of balsa wood and is a twin wing tube construction with box body. The kit includes both a motor frame for an electric drive, as well as parts for the construction of a glider version.

The kit includes carbon fiber spars and linkage parts.
The wing can be built pluggable. For this purpose, a wing attachment in self-direction is to be installed. Alternatively, the wing halves can also be glued.


  • Wingspan: 1200mm
  • Length: 580mm
  • Weight (glider completion): 400-500g
  • Weight (electric completion): 450-600g
  • Controls: 2-3
  • Servos:9g Servos
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