STAUFENBIEL Valkyrie Coast Guard Jet 1300mm PNP (HSF0820043)

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Introducing the Valkyrie Coast Guard Jet from Staufenbiel / Taft Hobby. Straight out of the box you will experience breathtaking sound, ballistic flight fun, and tremendous flight characteristics thanks to it's large wings.

A 90mm EDF running on 6S LiPos provide phenomenal sound and performance to this exceptional jet model bringing a big smile to every pilot's face. The built-in controller provides reliable power to the powerful EDF unit and the 9 built-in digital metal-gearbox servos via the stable BEC.

A highlight of the Valkyrie is the installed sprung aluminum retractable undercarriage. Safe starts, well-paced landings, and a great jet-like look. In addition, thanks to the hinged flaps, even the slow flight is a flagship of the Valkyrie jet. Thus, safe landing approaches are also possible on short runways without the pilot having to deal with a poisonous tear-off behavior. The aerodynamic winglets prevent the edge vortices from being restricted and ensure a better flow of the wing; Thanks to the extremely high-quality EPO material, the whole model is extremely stiff and sturdy.

Connect only your receiver, and battery to started.

Key Features

  • pre-assembled PNP model with built-in electronics
  • Just a few steps to the first flight
  • Powerful Brushless Drive
  • 90mm Impeller with 11 Blades
  • 9 digital servos with metal gears Completely installed and wired
  • authentic Cost Guard paint already applied
  • constructed from sturdy EPO-Ha foam material
  • removable wings for easy transport
  • fully assembled aluminum retractable undercarriage
  • steerable nose wheel
  • detailed cockpit
  • impressive flight characteristics
  • breathtaking sound
  • richly illustrated manual
Needed to Complete
  • 6S 5000mAh 30C
  • LiPo Charger
  • 6-Channel Receiver
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Completion Level:Plug-N-Play
Fan Size:90mm / 11Blatt
Flying Weight:3200g
Minimum Speed Control:Hobbywing 80A 8A UBEC (EC3)
Servos:8 x 9g digital MG
Wing Area:26,4 dm sq


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