DYMOND GTX-4356 V2 (HSF0000441)

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The GTX engine series from DYMOND offers the right drive for almost every model.

The rugged GTX engines are designed to meet the demands of day-to-day flight model applications. Our focus was on engines that ensure reliable and smooth operation. And for exactly these requirements, you get the GTX engines for an outstanding price / performance ratio.

The GTX engines were dynamically balanced. They have hardened shafts and molded windings. The bearings used are significantly larger than those in most engines in this class and thus increase the life, durability and resistance to damage from occasional "rough" landings due to less heat build-up.

Every single engine in the GTX series has been extensively tested. The optimum propeller recommendation can be found in the table.

All engines of the GTX series are delivered WITHOUT separately available propeller driver and backmount. Only the GTX indoor engines are supplied with Propsaver.

(Ø x L)
max. Strom/
max. current
HSF0000431GTX-2710 Indoor27 x 10,415315308502S7 x 3,5
2S8 x 4,3
HSF0000432GTX-2712 Indoor27 x 11,417,53172010702S7 x 3,5
2S8 x 4,3
HSF0000433GTX-2714 Indoor27 x 14,222,53173012902S8 x 4,3
3S7 x 3,5
HSF0000434GTX-282827,7 x 28603,171350182202S10 x 6
3S9 x 4
HSF0000435GTX-283727,7 x 378841100272702S10 x 6
3S9,5 x 5
HSF0000436GTX-352835 x 2880,541130273502S12 x 5
3S10 x 6
HSF0000437GTX-353435 x 3410941200374402S11 x 6
3S9 x 6
HSF0000438GTX-3546 (910 kV)35 x 461715910457503S13 x 6,5
4S11 x 7
HSF0000440GTX-3546 (760 kV)35 x 461715760447504S13 x 6,5
HSF0000439GTX-3546 (650 kV)35 x 461715650427504S14 x 7
5S12 x 7
HSF0000441GTX-435643 x 5628356005510004S16 x 8
5S14 x 8
6S13 x 7
HSF0000442GTX-505250 x 5228564105713005S16 x 10
6S15 x 8
HSF0000443GTX-506250 x 6239263055816006S20 x 8
8S16 x 10
HSF0000444GTX-636963 x 6967082757525008S20 x 8
10S18 x 10
HSF0000445GTX-637463 x 74820820085300010S24 x 10
12S22 x 10
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