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Whether you’ve never flown RC before or you got your firsttaste of flying with a multirotor drone, the revolutionary Carbon CubS+ is the most versatile, capable and easiest to fly RC airplaneyet.  Based on the Carbon Cub by Cub Crafters, an upgraded andthoroughly modern iteration of the classic Super Cub, and equipped withHorizon Hobby's exclusive and innovative SAFE® Plus GPS-enableddrone technology, this scale reproduction makes it easier to learn tofly in less time than ever before. Advanced features includingAutoLand, Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence make it easy for almostanyone to fly successfully from their very first flight, whileadditional features including oversized tundra tires and optional flapsand floats offer the capability and versatility to fly from almost anysurface, anywhere.

SAFE Plus features andfunctions include:

When activated after holding down a button, the advanced AutoLandfunction puts the Carbon Cub S+ on a stabilized approach toautonomously land near the GPS initialization point. You can evenprovide some directional guidance to avoid obstacles or to adjust theapproach while letting the system do the rest to execute a safelanding. As your skills progress and you gain more confidence you cantake over more of the control inputs, eventually learning to landwithout any assistance from the automated system at all.

Holding Pattern
This handy SAFE Plus exclusive feature lets you essentially "pause" aflight by putting the airplane into a GPS-guided holding pattern. Whenactivated after the quick press of a button, the airplane willautomatically return to a position above the GPS initialization pointand circle until the command is cancelled. It's a great way to safelyhand the controls to a friend or to regain visual contact if you everlose sight of the model.

Virtual Fence
It's easy to accidentally let an RC airplane fly too far away, but withVirtual Fence worry no more because it creates an invisible boundarythe airplane won't fly past. When the airplane reaches this boundary itwill automatically turn around and fly back toward the GPSinitialization point, then it will wag the wings to let you know whenyou have control again.

Panic Recovery
If you ever lose control of the airplane in the more advanced controlmodes simply switch to Beginner Mode and release the control sticks.SAFE® Plus technology will automatically return the airplane tolevel flight.

Beginner Mode
Pitch and bank angle limits prevent over-control that can result in aloss of orientation and crashes. When the control sticks are releasedthe airplane returns to level flight on its own. Best of all takeoffsare as simple as giving full throttle and letting the airplane fly offthe ground or by giving it a quick hand launch.

Intermediate Mode
More freedom in pitch and bank, but still prevents over-control anddoes not return to level flight on its own. This mode allows you tomake tighter turns and to climb and descend faster as your skillsadvance. Beginner mode automatically activates and returns the airplaneto level flight when the airplane descends below approximately 30 feetabove ground level and the sticks are released.

Experienced Mode
No pitch or bank angle limits so you have complete control! You caneven fly inverted (upside down) and perform aerobatic maneuversincluding loops, rolls, stall turns and more. Panic Recovery Mode canbe activated by switching to Beginner Mode and releasing the sticks.


  • Exclusive SAFE® Plus GPS-Enabled Drone Technology
  • AutoLand, Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence functions
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes
  • Durable EPO airframe with fully painted scale trim scheme
  • Oversized tundra tires for flying from smooth or roughsurfaces
  • Optional flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings (requiresa 7+ channel programmable transmitter)
  • Optional floats for flying from water (HBZ7390, soldseparately)
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