STAUFENBIEL Metis F3P Filippo Materaz 900mm (HSFX003674)

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The Metis is the last version of my famous indoor freestyle airplane which I flew in World Air Games 2009. It has been totally updated but maintaining its particular style. Now it has bigger mobile surfaces, a higher top and bottom fuselage and a completely new milling, paying attention to maintain the strength of the airframe. Thanks to all these tricks it flies slowly and smoothly but it can become very agile, reactive and fast if you need it. This characteristic is fundamental for an aeromusical flight where you need to change the flight style according to the music, but also in a good freestyle, to differentiate the maneuvers and employ the own imagination. In addition, a beginner can improve his skills gradually, increasing step by step the movement of mobile surfaces.

The color scheme is simply innovative and unique, very "aggressive" and dynamic, but elegant too, with very intense colors. The fuselage and some other parts are painted on both sides, even if milled. The plane is available in two color schemes: black/light blue or black/red. The kit is composed by 3 mm and 2 mm depron, carbon rods, super lightweight carbon control horns and all the necessary to complete the plane, except the electronic parts.

Required Accessories

  • Engine
  • Propeller
  • 3 Servos
  • ESC and Connector
  • Battery
  • Suitable charger
  • 4-Channel radio system
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Battery:LiPo 350mAh 2S
Completion Level:Kit
Flying Weight:140-150 Gramms
Minimum Required Radio:4-Channel
Minimum Speed Control:10A
Motor Size:GTX-2712 Indoor
Servos:(4) Microservos


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