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The Staufenbiel DELUXE model backpack for glider up to approx. wingspan of 3,5m.

The DELUXE model backpack can be used on the back or as a carrier bag, and it makes it possible to transport wing halves up to 170cm in length.Inside is a padded insert which ensures that the wing halves do not rub against each other.Likewise, on the outside is a small compartment attached for the horizontal fin.

The hull is inserted with the nose into a generously dimensioned outer pocket and is held at the back with a sturdy Velcro fastener.So packaging your valuable model is suitable in adverse climbs while slope flying, in good hands on long car rides or during storage.

Avoid ugly scratches and marks in the surface of the fuselage and wings with our model bag and always have all the necessary accessories with you.

This model backpack completes the high quality hobby experience with your glider and is part of every Staufenbiel model.

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