DS-X TG HV BL Digital Servo Alum (HSF0000309) - DYMOND | RC-LEADER

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Staufenbiel presents thenew flagship in the range of servos, the DYMOND DS-X TG HV. Brushless, high-voltage,titanium, aluminum housing are the most important buzzwords. The servois characterized by its complete overall concept and is trimmed ineither direction for maximum performance and precision. The brushlessmotor provides high torque, holding power and reset accuracy, itstitanium gearing is very durable even under high load and the aluminumbody does not bend under the high force and conducts the heat of theengine.

Technical data:
  • Size: 40,5 x 20,2 x 40,2 mm
  • Weight: 73,6 g
  • Torque: 208,5 Ncm / 6 V
  • Torque: 264 Ncm / 7,4 V
  • Speed: 0,15 sec (60°) / 6 V
  • Speed: 0,12 sec (60°) / 7,4 V
  • Gearing: Titan
  • Bearing: 2x ball bearing
  • Voltage range: 6 - 7,4 V
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