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The servo DS 1550 is a real highlight in the 9 gr servo class. Itfeatures superior running characteristics and very high manufacturingstandards. The Dymond's DS 1550 key feature is its full metal gear,with an output gear made of steel. Even after a long period of runningthe gear clearance keeps still low.
The housing is made from high quality plastic that is temperatureresistant up to 120 ° C. Its motor and digital IC meet highestindustry standards, so these parts can be found in servos of high endbrand products too.
Our DS 1550 is suitable especially for applications with high demandsin power and strength, like 3D helicopter or high speed planes. But itis great for every other model that needs 9 gr class servos, of course,just because of its full metal gear.

Compatible Products

DYMOND DS 1550 MG digital Servo HSF0000294 is compatible with HSF0314093P
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