S6340BL Standard Brushless High-Voltage Low Profile Aluminum Surface Servo (SPMSS6340BL) - Spektrum | RC-LEADER

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Spektrum™ high-voltage, brushless servos deliver dependable power and digital precision with amazing efficiency. Finely tuned electronics and software integrate with powerful brushless motor technology to offer ultra-powerful/ultra-fast heli performance more efficiently than servos with conventional motors. Heavy-duty servo lead-wire includes the convenience of a quick-release cable connection. The all-aluminum case provides the ultimate solution in durability and heat dissipation. Precision metal gears satisfy even the most critical racer who wants hassle-free control.

The Spektrum S6340BL uses this solid foundation to achieve its wicked-quick .07 second transit time and incredibly strong 241 oz-in torque rating, plus the peace-of-mind over-current and over-temperature protection offers. It’s a brilliant feature combination that, along with its low-profile size, makes it an outstanding servo choice for any driver who wants precision control in a 1/10-scale sport or racing vehicle.

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Product Specifications

Bearing Dual
Bushing Or Bearing Bearing
Deadband 2?s
Gear Type Metal
Motor Type Brushless
Product Height 1.17 in (29.7 mm)
Product Length 1.63 in (41.4 mm)
Product Weight 2.2 oz (62 g)
Product Width 0.82 in (20.8 mm)
Servo Operating Voltage 4.8 - 8.4V (HV)
Servo Size Category Standard
Servo Type Digital
Speed 0.087 sec/60 @ 6.0V, 0.077 sec/60 @ 6.6V, 0.076 sec/60 @ 7.4V, 0.070 sec/60 @ 8.4V
Torque 165.50 oz/in (12.44 kg/cm) @ 6.0V, 190.03 oz/in (13.69 kg/cm) @ 6.6V, 213.06 oz/in (15.35 kg/cm) @ 7.4V, 241.85 oz/in (17.42 kg/cm) @ 8.4V
Type Brushless Low Profile Digital Servo


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