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  • SAFE® Technology: Self-leveling modes make learning to fly a collective pitch helicopter easier
  • Progressive Flight Modes: This allows you to grow with this heli and build your collective pitch skills
  • Panic Recovery: Recover the heli to a level attitude with the flip of a switch
  • Smart Technology built-in - Provides valuable telemetry feedback to Smart capable Spektrum transmitters
  • Durable: An innovative fusion of carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and aluminum components delivers outstanding rigidity and durability
  • Metal Gear Digital Swashplate Servos: Durable, high-speed responsive servos
  • Direct Drive Power System: Brushless motor delivers instant power in a simplistic design
  • High Visibility: Vivid canopy and bright main blades and tail make it easy to maintain orientation

The No Compromise, High-Performance Heli

The Blade® InFusion 180 is a new design from the Blade team engineered for next-level durability and performance. Featuring an oversized direct-drive power system, no gears are driving the main rotor, allowing for instant power and lower parts count. For those looking for high performance in a small size, the InFusion 180 packs a punch perfect for thrilling backyard aerobatics. The InFusion 180 is easy to see while tearing up the sky with a one-piece canopy, bright white tail fin, and main landing gear. Featuring the latest in Spektrum Technology, it is equipped with the micro AR6251MHX Flight Controller that is expertly tuned out of the box yet remains adjustable for pilots to fine-tune the aircraft to their flying style. Also, a Spektrum Smart Avian ESC offers precise head speed control for a high-performance flight that doesn't lag. Additionally, an innovative fusion of carbon fiber, ABS plastic, and aluminum components delivers outstanding rigidity and durability. With BNF® Basic convenience, all you have to do is add a 3S 600mAh battery, bind your 6+ channel Spektrum DSMX® transmitter, and take it to the skies.

SAFE Technology
SAFE® Technology

The Blade InFusion 180 helicopter features exclusive SAFE® (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope®) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence by providing flight mode versatility and Panic Recovery mode that automatically returns the heli to a level attitude.


Spektrum Avian Smart 15 Amp ESC included
Spektrum Avian Smart 15 Amp ESC included

The Spektrum Avian Smart 15-amp ESC transmits Smart Battery and ESC data straight to your Spektrum transmitter. An Avian electronic speed control provides a one-wire solution for obtaining telemetry data such as current, voltage, cell balance, temperature, and RPM. The 32-bit M4 processor produces higher resolution signal input and more accurate motor output for a locked-in and active throttle response.


Spektrum AR6251MHX Flybarless Controller and Receiver
Spektrum AR6251MHX Flybarless Controller and Receiver

The heli features the new ground-breaking Spektrum AR6251HX flybarless system. This new flybarless controller features advanced adaptive flight control algorithms, forward programming, and 6-axis M.E.M.S. inertial sensor, that provides consistent low-latency operation.


Direct Drive Power System
Direct Drive Power System

The InFusion 180 features a direct drive main motor power system allowing for instant power with fewer parts and maintenance when compared to a gear-driven main rotor. The motor shaft itself is made of hardened steel and is nearly indestructible.


High-end Metal Gear Servos
High-end Metal Gear Servos

The InFusion 180 features best-in-class micro servos providing super-fast speed and extremely accurate position holding. Each features a fully metal gear drive train for increased durability and precision.


Optimized Design for low weight and high durability
Optimized Design for low weight and high durability

The hybrid mainframe takes rigidity to another level for a rock-solid flight experience. The carbon fiber main rotor blades feature an improved aerodynamic design with increases in efficiency and power. An oversized tail boom eliminates the need for boom supports and is crowned by an ABS plastic tail case improving vibration damping and performance.


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Product Specifications

Power Type Electric
Servos Included
Skill Level Level 2
Swashplate Type 120 Degree CCPM
Channels 6
Main Rotor Blade Length 7.08" (180 mm)
Speed Control Included
Receiver Included
Tail Motor Type Brushless Outrunner
Charger Sold Separately
Approximate Assembly Time Less Than One Hour
Tail Drive Direct Drive
Battery Sold Separately
Main Frame Material Carbon Fiber
Motor Size 2007-3900kv
Product Length 15.51" (394 mm)
Canopy/Body Material Plastic
Product Weight 280g
Technology SAFE
Main Motor Type Brushless
Main Rotor Head Type Collective Pitch Flybarless
Product Width 2.55" (65 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter 2.95" (75 mm)
Completion Level Bind-N-Fly
Main Blade Material Plastic
Main Rotor Diameter 15.74" (400 mm)
Product Height 4.64" (118 mm)
Tail Blade Material Plastic


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