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  • High-impact ABS molded self-righting hull and canopy
  • Spektrum 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor with integrated weight
  • 100A Spektrum Brushless ESC
  • Two custom liveries by Shreddy and Heat Wave Visual
  • Aluminum offset rudder and propeller strut
  • Flex shaft-driven propeller
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Durable aluminum propeller
  • Custom-programmed Spektrum SLT3 3-channel 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver
  • Pro Boat 5.3kg waterproof servo
  • Flotation foam on the canopy and hull
  • Battery tray with new second battery strap
  • Boat stand


The 26-inch, ready-to-run Pro Boat Recoil 2 V2 brushless deep-V picks up where the original Recoil left off — adding to the excitement with aggressive styling, a more advanced self-righting feature, and even better performance.

Its V-hull design knifes cleanly through the water for a smooth ride even in rough conditions. The included brushless power system features the Spektrum 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor paired with a 100A Spektrum Brushless ESC. Together, they can produce 35+ mph of wake-inducing action.

The motor also features an integrated weight on the outrunner, eliminating the need for a weighted coupler to provide self-righting capabilities. No more worries about a wipeout in the middle of the lake. With one press on the self-righting button of the included, custom-programmed Spektrum SLT3 radio transmitter, your deep-V will flip back upright. This design is unique to the Recoil 2 V2. No other boat has it!

Everything you need is in the box. The Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz radio system combines standard-setting dependability with the functionality and ergonomics needed to enjoy every moment of your time at the lake. The Smart 3S 3200mAh battery and S120 USB Smart Charger are ideal for newcomers to the hobby. The charger can use any USB port for power, providing a versatile charging solution for every boater. Even a boat stand and AA transmitter batteries are supplied.

The Recoil 2 V2 also features a strikingly finished, high-impact ABS molded hull and canopy with aluminum thumb screw canopy locks, durable modular interior, and aluminum offset rudder and propeller strut. With its technological advances, ready-to-run simplicity, custom Heat Wave Visual or Shreddy liveries, and worry-free self-righting, the 26-inch Pro Boat Recoil 2 V2 deep-V makes it easier than ever to own the lake!

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The Recoil 2 V2 includes a Spektrum Smart battery and charger. Recharging the battery is as simple as plugging the charger into any USB port and connecting the battery. You won't have to worry whether your voltage and amperage are set correctly.


100 Amp Spektrum<sup>™</sup> Brushless ESC
100 Amp Spektrum Brushless ESC

This lightweight ESC is designed with self-righting in mind, allowing for quick forward and reverse changes to flip the boat over after a wipeout. It's programmed to work with the SLT3 transmitter's automatic self-righting button. With a single press, your Recoil 2 V2 will flip back upright. If you'd rather self-right using manual control, you can do that, too.


Spektrum<sup>™</sup> 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor with Integrated Weight
Spektrum 2300Kv Brushless Outrunner Marine Motor with Integrated Weight

The included brushless marine motor also features an integrated weight on the outrunner, eliminating the need for a weighted coupler to provide self-righting capabilities. That's one less piece of rotating mass inside of the boat.


Two Custom Liveries by Heat Wve Visual and Shreddy
Two Custom Liveries by Heat Wave Visual and Shreddy

The Recoil 2 V2 features liveries created and licensed by Shreddy and Heat Wave Visual. Now you can have the custom livery to match your apparel! Go for the Black and Gold classic look, or go all-out wild with the Shreddy design inspired by Blake Wilkey.


High Impact ABS Molded Self-Righting Hull and Canopy
High Impact ABS Molded Self-Righting Hull and Canopy

The ABS canopy attaches securely to the high-impact, self-righting hull using four thumb screws. An EVA foam seal around the canopy ensures that water is locked outside the hull.


Pro Boat 5.3kg Waterproof Servo
Pro Boat 5.3kg Waterproof Servo

The high torque servo provides more than enough power to keep the Recoil 2 V2 pointed in the right direction. Waterproofing makes sure the servo is up to the task of being in a boat without the risking failure due to moisture.


Aluminum Offset Rudder and Propeller Strut
Aluminum Offset Rudder and Propeller Strut

The aluminum rudder and propeller strut provide higher performance compared to composite or plastic. Hard anodizing ensures a long wear life.


Flex Shaft-Driven Propeller
Flex Shaft-Driven Propeller

The flex shaft allows for propeller angle adjustment, allowing the Recoil 2 V2 deep-V to run in most water conditions.


Stainless Steel Hardware
Stainless Steel Hardware

The included hardware is made of stainless steel to prevent rust. If replacements are needed, the metric screw sizes used are easy to find.


Unrivaled Turning Performance
Unrivaled Turning Performance

The Recoil 2 V2 hull and hardware have been tuned precisely for turn-on-a-dime performance. Combined with the low center of gravity, this makes it one of the tightest turning boats. Don't fear the flip, because this boat loves to stay planted in the turn!


Flotation Foam on Canopy and Hull
Flotation Foam on Canopy and Hull

Foam flotation is included as a safety measure to keep your Recoil 2 V2 afloat in the event of a breach. If the canopy detaches due to improper installation, it will also stay on top of the water.


Boat Stand
Boat Stand

Constructed of sturdy composite, the included stand can be used for display or for working on your Recoil 2 V2. Foam protects the boat's finish, and it can easily be used as a parts tray when needed.


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Product Specifications

Completion Level Ready-To-Run
Hull Material ABS Plastic
Propeller Size 1.6 x 1.6
Battery Included
Drive System Flex Shaft
Motor Size 4335-2300Kv
Product Length 26" (660 mm)
Steering Offset Rudder
Product Weight 3.3lbs (1.5kg) without LiPo Battery
Vehicle Size Standard
Radio Included
Hull Type V-Hull
Beam 7.96" (202 mm)
Trim Scheme Colors Heatwave (Black/Gold), Shreddy (Grey/Teal)
Hull Height 5.75" (146mm)
Motor Type Brushless
Speed Control Included
Charger Included
Receiver Included


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