STAUFENBIEL PICHLER C-Falke (rot) 3060mm ARF (HSFX004167)

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The C-Hawk is originally one of the most popular two-seat motorgliders ever built. It is convincing by its first good flying characteristics. Unlike other motor gliders, the pilots sit side by side in the cockpit. Thanks to the sturdy main aluminum landing gear, take-offs and landings are child's play. The wing, like the original, has a so-called pre-sharpening. One of the many highlights is the special accessory bag for fuselage and wings. The model is controlled by the functions H, S, Q, M, (LK). The model is designed as an F-ready model and is suitable for advanced users. The completion of the model is easily possible for model builders with previous knowledge.


  • ARF prefabricated model in light wood construction (laser cut)
  • Done with orig. ORACOVER covering
  • Colored film pieces are excellently cut out with CNC cutting plotter and set up
  • wings 2-piece with aluminum tube for easy transport
  • large, removable cockpit for easy battery change
  • electric flaps (optional)
  • prepared for LED lighting
  • Detachable Hover
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CG (Center of Gravity):55mm behind the leading edge of wing
Completion Level:Almost Ready-To-Fly
Flying Weight:4000g
Minimum Required Radio:4-6 channels
Recommended Motor Battery:3300-5000mAh / 11,1-14,8V
Servos:(5) not included
Wing Area:74dm sq
Wing Loading:55g/dm sq


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