STAUFENBIEL Outlaw 3D 1200mm ARF (HSF0314140)

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The Staufenbiel OUTLAW is a true 3D rebel in wooden construction.Execute the most spectacular manoeuvres. Because with the ultra-lightOUTLAW, manoeuvres normally reserved for the F3P indoor fliers arepossible. The OUTLAW is available as an ARF version and as a PNPversion with built-in electronics.

Ultra-light Construction
The OUTLAW is produced as a balsa construction, which considerablyminimises the weight of the model. In conjunction with the very lightand already applied Oralight® covering film, an extremely lowwing load is achieved.

Powerful Motor
For the propulsion of the OUTLAW, we have developed a special motor.The brushless outrunner motor DYMOND GTX-3546 with 760KV is perfectlymatched to the model and produces enormous propulsion and the highest3-D performance. The GTX-3546 comes already pre-installed in the PNPversion. Here, you only need a suitable 60A speed controller. If youopt for the ARF version, you can motorize your OUTLAW according to yourpersonal wishes and requirements.

High Degree ofPrefabrication
The 3-D model is available in both the "bare" ARF version and in thePNP version with a particularly high degree of prefabrication. Thewings, the tail and fuselage are extensively covered. All rudders areready hinged and equipped with ball links (supplied in the ARFversion). In the PNP version, 4 digital servos with metal gears areinstalled and wired ready to fly in addition to the ball linkages andthe installed motor. All you need for the final assembly is to simplyscrew together the individual parts.

Easy Access
A large hatch on the underside of the fuselage ensures quick and easyaccess to the battery and the fuselage interior. The hatch is lockableand completely removable.


  • Agile stunt model for spectacular 3-D performance
  • Ultra-light balsa construction
  • Elaborate, multi-coloured Oralight® covering
  • All rudders are completely hinged
  • Ball linkages on all rudders
  • Easy access to the battery thanks to large hatch onfuselage underside
  • Built-in DYMOND GTX-3546 (760KV) brushless outrunner motor(only PNP version)
  • 4 built-in DYMOND DS 3510 digital servos with metal gears(only PNP version)
  • Including propeller (only PNP version)
  • Spinner not included in the box contents (required: 45 mm) 
  • Richly illustrated manual in English, German and French

Needed to Complete

  • 5+ Channel Transmitter and Receiver
  • (1) DYMOND GTX-3546 (760KV) Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • (4) DYMOND DS 3510 Digital-Servos
  • (1) SMART 60A BEC
  • (1) 45mm Spinner
  • (1) 3200mAh 4S LiPo
  • Compatible Charger
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Scarica (4.34M)
Completion Level:Almost Ready-To-Fly
Flying Weight:1600-2000g
Length:1315 mm
Wing Area:64,0 dm²


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